Network Architecture


The challenge is to create the Internet’s future technical elements so as to enable a continued development of new communication services and the dissemination of content in the most favorable technological and economic conditions.


The ARE project is developing new solutions for tomorrow’s Internet by rethinking the network’s organization, the distribution and implementation of its functions, in order to define an Architecture that better meets the needs of the multiple stakeholders involved (users, infrastructure providers, content providers, service operators, etc.).

The work is organized along three main tasks:

  • Information-Centric Networking / Data Forwarding and Transportation: The first task will focus on the concept of a content-oriented network with the aim of making content more accessible and more secure while at the same time optimizing network costs through increased use of cache memory.
  • Software Defined Networking / Network Control and Management: Software Defined Networking has ignited great interest for this project because of the increasing complexity of current network control and management, as well as the difficult to deploy new services quickly and efficiently.
  • Experimental platform and traffic characterization. This third task will concentrate on the following two themes: the development of software modules for an experimental platform and the analysis of data from the network to characterize user demand and their impact on network conception and modeling.


The ARE projet is located in the parisian site of IRT SystemX at the LINCS at 23, Avenue d'Italie, Paris 75013.


SystemX joins the ICN2020 EU/Japan project: ICN2020


Team affiliates

  • Diego Perino ext Bell Labs, now Telefonica Research
  • Dario Rossi, Telecom ParisTech
  • Natalya Rozhnova, Nokia, Bell Labs
  • Leonce Mekinda, Orange Labs Networks (Ph.D. defense completed)
  • Claudio Imbrenda, Orange Labs Networks (Ph.D. defense completed, now at IBM)


Posters and Demonstrations



  • We have an experimental platform built on top of the Grid5000 infrastructure in France used to run large experiments using the NDN software router with additional plugins. The experiment orchestratator is available below.
  • We operate a node in the NDN testbed ( SystemX). More info at See link


  • CCN network simulator See link
  • Lurch: an orchestrator for large scale experiments See link


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  • Jim Roberts, "Performance and cost effectiveness of caching in the mobile network access", ACM SIGCOMM ICN, San Francisco, USA, Oct. 2 2015. See link
  • Luca Muscariello, "Pending Interest Table Sizing in Named-Data Networking", ACM SIGCOMM ICN, San Francisco, USA, Oct. 1 2015. See link
  • Jim Roberts, Performance Evaluation of Video Transcoding and Caching Solutions in Mobile Networks" ITC, Gent, Belgium, Sep. 8 2015. See link
  • Massimo Gallo, Updates on Experimental Wire-speed CCN / NDN packet format, ICNRG interim meering Boston, Jan. 13th 2015. See link
  • Jim Roberts, On the Performance of Caching in Information-centric Networks, Dec. 3-5 Paris, keynote talk at NoF 2014. See link
  • Jim Roberts, Trading off bandwidth for memory in a future information-centric Internet, IRT SystemX seminar, Palaiseau, France, Oct. 2nd 2014. See link
  • Luca Muscariello, Scalable mobile backhauling via information-centric networking, ICNRG interim meeting Paris, Sept. 27th, 2014.
  • Diego Perino, ICNRG interim meeting Paris, Sept. 27th, 2014. See link
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  • Luca Muscariello, An overview of recent results on Information-centric networking with a focus on traffic control and caching, LINCS annual workshop 5-6 June 2014, See link
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  • Massimo Gallo, ICNRG interim meeting Cambridge USA, Jan. 13th, 2015. See link






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Academic Partners
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