NDN experimental testbed orchestrator


Output files

Lurch produces a tar.gz archive at the end of the experiment and transfers it to the folder in the remote server indicated in Myglobals.py. The archive contains the following folders:

Link statistics

The tool used for link bandwith measurments is ifstat. The links statistics are stored in the log/ folder under the name link_#from_#to.log. Each file is compose by a sequence of lines for each second of the experiment:

		HH:MM:SS   KB/s in  KB/s out
		19:15:10    40.54    1189.61

For a complete description of ifstat output please refer to man ifstat.

Lurch Log

Lurch.log reports messages sent from the hosts during the experiment. In particular this file records the output of the application launched for the experiment. If the customized version of the NDNx code is used, the application launched is a file downloader with interest rate control described here and the log reports for each download Started and completed lines that are respectively:

event_time                        -                     filename        -  num. of chunks             -                      hostname:client_id
1414606590.5044, * Starting download of content ndn:/video/OBJNUM00001 size       500      chunks from host:client  graphene-38.nancy.grid5000.fr:0

event_time           -              filename         Througput[Mbps] Goodput[Mbps] Download time[s]             hostname              client_id  interest_retr_timeouts
1414606593.4787, Completed, ndn:/video/OBJNUM00001,     6.685616,      5.879628,       2.786571,      graphene-38.nancy.grid5000.fr,     0,                 0

nfd log

The name of the NFD logs' file are of the format node_#nodeID.log. Please refer to NFD documentation for a through explanation of the nfd.log file. In addition to standard NFD logs, if the customized version of the NDNx code is used, the interest forwarder implements the interest forwarding strategy is the one from here" and displays statistic about the number of interests forwarded on the different interfaces.